Le Very are one of the most exciting and capricious pop-phenomena to be found at this moment. 

Their music moves freely in an electrifying stressfield of great pop songs, deep Electronic Music, pumping R'n B and twisted Jazz. Their debut album with the title „V“ is a tribute to the beauty and diversity of pop music – and often also to its trivial catchiness, its overbearing kitsch and reflective artistic attitude, its euphoria and melancholy, its ways of acting the big shot, and its trepidation - „V“ encompasses much of this.

Le Very's creative input originates from a combo of three musicians and two dancers: Nikolas Tillmann (vocals and guitar), Naemi Simon (vocals and keys), Milian Vogel (drums and sax), and the dancers Ada Sternberg and Nuria Höying. These five individual spirits created a „larger-than-life“ cosmos of music, light and dance.

 The story of Le Very began in 2014 at a studio in Berlin Neukölln. The first songs on an EP called „Playground“ were uploaded towards the end of that same year. Shortly after this online release, the band was hired to support Zoot Woman during their three week tour through Europe 2015. It was a personal and creative jump dive into deep waters and has shaped their debut album.

Singer Nikolas Tillmann explains: „The sound of Le Very is basically like a long tour, like an untamed, awesome and extremely capricious risk. I would not have been able to tell in advance what this album would sound like in the end.“

 „V“ is a tightrope walk in music in between lunatic cheesiness and an edgy, twisted and atmospheric depth. From the first track “Numbers”, via dada-esque “Casa Nostra”, the kitschy “Pallazzo Del Amore“ and the bombastic “Opus 77“ to the exotic finale “Hoatzin Is Rising“, Le Very manage to spin skilfully on a sleek pop  surface just to suddenly leave a deep scratch in it with their sharp skids.


Micha Schneider