"Where Is Piemont"- Tour 2016

We’re happy to announce our 2016 „Where Is Piemont?“ – Tour in Germany, Switzerland and Austria! Tickets are now available at all ticket offices and online here:

See you out there!

MALKY – »Where is Piemont?« Tour
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Mi, 11.01.2017 // Bremen (Tower)
Do, 12.02.2017 // Hamburg (Uebel & Gefährlich)
Fr, 13.01.2017 // Hannover (Lux)
Sa, 14.01.2017 // Erfurt (Franz Mehlhose)
Mo, 16.01.2017 // Leipzig (Täubchenthal)
Di, 17.01.2017 // München (Ampere)
Mi, 18.01.2017 // Wien (B 72)
Fr, 20.01.2017 // Zürich (Komplex 457)
Sa, 21.01.2017 // Freiburg (Vorderhaus)
So, 22.01.2017 // Bern (Mühle Hunzigen)
Di, 24.01.2017 // Stuttgart (Club Cann)
Mi, 25.01.2017 // Heidelberg (Halle 02)
Do, 26.01.2017 // Nürnberg (Club Stereo)
Sa, 28.01.2017 // Köln (Gebäude 9)
Mo, 30.01.2017 // Frankfurt (Sankt Peter)
Mi, 01.02.2017 // Dresden (Scheune)
Fr, 03.02.2017 // Magdeburg (Moritzhof)
So, 12.02.2017 // Berlin (Volksbühne)

See you out there!



MALKY are singer Daniel Stoyanov and producer/keyboard-whizz Michael Vajna. The duo got together much in reverse of how most relationships end; collaborating almost telepathically right from the word go. At the core of the project, Daniel and Michael set out a clear mantra by focusing on recommenced musical concepts of the past. Passionately studying and carefully dissecting 60s-sounds, MALKY re-construct those elements in new ways. Their music is as much set in the past as it measures modern ways of music making. Combining classic Rhythm’n’Blues-song potency with subtle electronic elements and new lyrical ideas, MALKY created a truly unique sound that builds bridges from Motown to Liverpool by way of contemporary electronic music.

MALKY is Bulgarian. It means ‘Little Boy’. Daniel emigrated from Bulgaria to Germany in his infancy. Michael is of Hungarian ancestry. Longing for somewhere to call home is a common theme for the duo and an endless source for musical and lyrical expression.

The release of the duos debut-album SOON in the summer of 2014 gained strong attention in Germany, including premium TV-features, exceptional print coverage and solid airplay. Being declared “a masterpiece”, MALKY took the album on the road, visiting Germany, Austria and Switzerland twice and playing more than 100 mostly sold out shows almost everywhere. MALKY raised a great deal of international attention by entering the respectable stages of important European Showcase-Festivals such as Eurosonic Noorderslag Groningen, MaMa Festival Paris, Sonic Visions Luxembourg, and Reeperbahn Festival Hamburg. Reeperbahn’s “Wunderkind”-program showcases some of Germany’s top talents to the international industry in attendance. Last year’s “Wunderkind”-program saw professionals from all over the world spotting MALKY’s exceptional live performance.

After the release of their "Diamonds EP" in territories outside G/S/A, Malky’s upcoming album is due to being released via Sony Music in fall 2016 and definitely one to watch out for.